Heartshot - Steven F. Havill
This is another bookswap book, first in a series from what looks like a small independent press.

Our hero is Undersheriff Bill Garstner, the law in a small part of New Mexico where he's rapidly heading towards retirement - in the middle of the small community where he lives, a car crash that claims the lives of five teenagers becomes an even worse tragedy when drugs are discovered and nobody's name is likely to be kept clean. From there, things go from bad to worse as Bill tries to balance his own increasing infirmity with the needs of the town where he lives.

In terms of readability, Heartshot is okay, although there's a bit of a tendency at times to overdo the 'I researched this and I'm going to prove it' aspect of things, particularly towards the end. While it's nice to see a main character who's a human being, with all that entails, I figured out who the 'villain' was way before Garstner did (and doubtless way before I was meant to) and I doubt I'll go out of my way to pick up the next in the series, which is Bitter Recoil.