Kingdom of Cages - Sarah Zettel
The story in Kingdom of Cages is that of two sisters, Teal and Chena, who travel with their mother from the claustrophobic confines of the Athena space station to live on the planet Pandora. This planet, alone of all those colonised by humans, has not rejected the newcomers and holds the possibility of successful re-colonisation elsewhere. Meanwhile, the inhabitants of the unsuccessful colonies are starting to pile up in Athena and elsewhere, looking for somewhere else to live.

Alongside this, the sisters find themselves living first in 'the hothouse', where their mother's genetic material is being exploited, then escape back into village life on Pandora itself, always one step ahead of the people who want to use their DNA like they did their mother's. In the 'hothouse' matters are controlled by an Artificial Intelligence, who then discovers it's being manipulated by an unscrupulous scientist who is also tinkering with the implants of her fellow scientists to get her own way, no matter what.

Kingdom of Cages is a dense story with an interesting plot, set in a universe that is all too realistic. Resist as they might, the people of Pandora must inevitably bow to the demands of those from elsewhere, while at the end of the day the others are just looking to survive. I enjoyed this book and plan to read more by Zettel in the future.