The Steerswoman - Rosemary Kirstein
This is one of those books that has been on my 'want to read' list for I don't know how long, not to mention being the first of a series of books by Kirstein set in this universe.

The worldbuilding is very interesting, essentially pitting two groups against one another - the Steerswomen (who are occasionally men) who believe that knowledge should be shared and the wizards (again of either gender) who believe that some things are too dangerous for everyone to know about. In particular, the Steerswomen take an oath to answer any question put to them honestly, with the power also to ban someone from asking questions in the future if their responses to what is asked of them are not equally forthright.

'The Steerswoman' is an entertaining enough tale, with a couple of very strongly drawn characters, but it feels very much like a first book in a series - you feel like you're getting somewhere and then the story just stops. No cliffhanger, no resolution, just The End. Which is intensely frustrating, to say the least. Hopefully this bad habit doesn't continue in the next book of the series, which is The Outskirter's Secret.