Blood Bound - Patricia Briggs
This is the second book in Briggs' series featuring mechanic and shapeshifter Mercy Thompson, following on from Moon Called, and this time around, Mercy is asked for help by Stefan, a friend of hers with an odd taste in transportation who also happens to be a vampire. Something odd is going on and Mercy's ability to shapeshift makes her a perfect witness to the meeting Stefan is about to take. Unfortunately, it all goes horribly wrong and soon both the local vampire and werewolf communities find that they have a common enemy.

I have to say, I didn't enjoy Blood Bound quite as much as I did Moon Called, though that's no fault of the main character, who remains just as independent and competent (thank heavens!) as in the previous book. I think the downside of it for me was the whole 'oh, which do I prefer?' romantic subplot running through this book which was a little too intrusive for my liking. I like my urban fantasy more fantasy than straight-out romance and maybe this leaned a little too much that way for my tastes...

Anyway, the series continues in [b:Iron Kissed|1412138|Iron Kissed (Mercedes Thompson, #3)|Patricia Briggs||1178926], and I am still very much looking forward to reading more Mercy Thompson books, regardless of my minor quibbles about this particular one.