On What Grounds - Cleo Coyle
Another bookswap experience, this is the first in a series of books featuring Clare Cosi, who has just come back to New York to run her former mother-in-law's coffee house. I'm always somewhat suspicious of characters-who-appear-too-much-like-their-creators (along with the same initials, etc...).

Naturally, for this is a crime book, her arrival is coincidental with one of the assistants falling down the stairs and seriously injuring herself - given that the victim is a dancer, and therefore should be quite light on her feet, was it an accident or something more sinister? Clare is determined to find out, with the assistance (or otherwise) of both an NYPD detective and her ex-husband.

Which would all be fine, if a significant chunk of On What Grounds wasn't shoehorned exposition of information loosely about coffee - an infodump of enormous proportions. Once ignored, the story runs along much better, though I can't say I'm desperate to read the next in the series, which is Through the Grinder.