Greywalker - Kat Richardson
Another bookswap experience, but I'm not completely sure that I even finished it. I think I did, but it made so little impression on me other than 'thank god, it's over' that I couldn't be certain.

The premise of Greywalker is that our protagonist, Harper Blaine, a private investigator whose case turns fatal, discovers on recovering from her injuries that she can both see and have contact with something beyond what everyone else does. This 'other world' is called the Grey (hence the title) and Harper needs to learn how to control her experience otherwise it will drive her over the edge.

As with many urban fantasy books, Greywalker has someone discovering there's much more to the world they inhabit than they had formerly thought - in this case definitely magic that works, ghosts and vampires, to name but a few. An apparently clear-cut missing persons case turns out to be anything but simple, while a request to find a missing pipe-organ (yes, really) turns out to be sinister as well.

If only Harper herself weren't incredibly annoying, let alone assisted by an even more vexing walking stereotype of the flame-haired brogue-spouting Irish witch. It's hard to do dialogue with accents well and sadly Greywalker is not an example to hold up for comparison. The series continues in Poltergeist, but we'll be parting ways long before that...