The Abyssinian Proof  - Jenny White
This is the follow-up to The Sultan's Seal and as with the previous book, our protagonist is magistrate Kamil Pasha, who becomes involved in a series of thefts of religious artefacts from various churches, mosques and synagogues in a particular area of Istanbul. There is, of course, more going on here than immediately meets the eye, as becomes apparent when one of the robberies escalates to the murder of a man from an obscure religious sect, working as a caretaker in one of the aforesaid churches.

Alongside the problem of the robberies, which Kamil Pasha must solve if there's to be any hope of peace between the Christians and Muslims in that neighbourhood, he is forced to deal with troubles in his personal life and a revelation about his family that he will find hard to deal with.

I have to say that The Abyssinian Proof is not as easy a read as The Sultan's Seal and the romance subplot seems more than a little forced, but it's still entertaining enough. No news so far on whether or not there will be a further installment in this series...