Kiss of Midnight - Lara Adrian
The basic premise of Kiss of Midnight, which is the first book in a series, is that of Gabrielle whose mother had always claimed she had been bitten by a vampire. Since her mother had committed suicide shortly afterwards in an asylum, Gabrielle had never really believed anything she had been told about her. However, what Gabrielle doesn't know is that her mother was telling the truth, though only part of it - not only was she attacked by a vampire, both their lives were also saved by another.

Gabrielle discovers that vampires are very real, but that she is also something even rarer - a woman who can successfully give birth to a vampire's child. As such, she would be sought after by vampires and the one who rescued her as a child wants her to go into a refuge elsewhere. At least when he isn't soliloquising about how much he'd like to get together with her etc. etc. Yes, this time it's the vampire with the Tragic Past, blah blah blah.

The series continues with Kiss of Crimson, but I found Gabrielle so vexing I just wanted to shake her, along with the whole premise of the series, which is very much about how the women sit around barefoot and pregnant (since that's why they're special, after all...) while the big butch vampires protect them. Meh.