Deceptions - Lauren Maddison
I picked this book, and its sequel Witchfire, up while I was on holiday and was pleased to have done so, at least until I came to try and read this first book featuring novellist Connor Hawthorne.

Set partly in Washington and partly in New Mexico, Deceptions begins with the murder of Connor's former lover, an Italian model. When Connor, who used to be a district attorney, starts to probe a little deeper into Elena's life, she discovers that her lover was unfaithful to her and that there's also a possible link between Elena's murder and her father, who works for a shadowy government agency. The first third of the book focusses on that, before Connor goes off to Albuquerque for a writer's conference and finds herself on the run with Laura Nez, her Navajo driver/bodyguard.

Essentially, I found myself tolerating the Washington-based part of the book in the hope the story would improve, particularly since I found Connor decidedly unsympathetic to say the least. Initially, when the action moved to New Mexico, things were quite promising and then Connor started to annoy me again. I couldn't bring myself to continue much past halfway, so I have no idea how Deceptions works out, or indeed any interest in picking up Witchfire to find out what happens next, even with the potential lure of American-writer-writing-about-England when some/all of that book is set in Glastonbury.