A Cold Day For Murder - Dana Stabenow
This was one of the (many) books I brought back with me from my trip to Arizona earlier in the year, the first book in a series that looked interesting.

Kate Shugak, former investigator for the Alaska DA's office, has returned to where she grew up and isolated herself in the wilderness after an encounter with a child molester led to her being savagely attacked. She's scarred by that encounter in more ways than one, but when a park ranger and then a fellow investigator go missing in the massive national park Kate calls home, there doesn't seem to be anyone else to call upon.

It's pretty obvious from A Cold Day for Murder, that the author knows her territory really well, not to mention being able to tell an entertaining tale full of well-drawn characters. The isolation of the Alaskan national park that is the book's setting is also well-written and I'd picked up the next book in the series (A Fatal Thaw) as well on my travels so I was bound to continue reading...