Enchanted Glass - Diana Wynne Jones
Somehow, when I was younger, I missed out on Diana Wynne Jones completely, only discovering her in the last ten years or so thanks to friends who are librarians. She has written some of my absolute favourite YA books ('Howl's Moving Castle' and the Chrestomanci series), which also work perfectly for adults in the main because of how well they're written.

My experience of reading her books tends to be that even her not-quite-so-good books are as good as the best of many other authors; this is one of those, not up to her usual exacting standard but still pretty damn good regardless, at least in parts.

The basic premise of 'Enchanted Glass' is that it's the story of Andrew Hope, a university lecturer whose grandfather is a powerful wizard - on his death, Andrew inherits the house where he lived, in which Andrew spent many happy summers, and the responsibilities entailed upon it. Responsibilities which Andrew takes a while to understand and begin to embrace, helped or hindered by the other characters introduced along the way.

Unfortunately, Andrew doesn't really get particularly fleshed out as a character to my satisfaction and so is a little subsumed by the over-the-top quirkiness of the characters around him. Likewise, while the author is very keen to stress the importance of the eponymous glass in the house's back door and outhouse roof, it's never really explained why this is important. I enjoyed 'Enchanted Glass' on the whole but can't see, like a very few of Ms Wynne Jones' books along the way, that I'll be reading it again.