Raven Black  - Ann Cleeves
I'd heard good things about this series of detective stories, set in the Shetland Islands, so added it to my list of things to get my hands on. Sadly, it didn't quite live up to my expectations...

Our story begins with two teenage girls, one of whom (Catherine) is soon found strangled in the snow - her death is soon linked by locals on the island with the disappearance years earlier of another girl whose body was never found. At the time, a local man was suspected of being involved but no evidence could be found to prove his guilt and he also turns out to have been one of the last people to see Catherine alive.

While the author tries hard to get across the atmosphere of her setting, her characters and plot suffer a little for it - if I were one of the characters concerned, I'd be seriously thinking about leaving the islands because everything bad that can happen seems to somehow involve me! Our investigating officer, Jimmy Perez, is something of an outsider but maybe not enough, coming from one of the neighbouring islands but having a background in Lerwick.

All in all, not quite as good as I'd hoped it would be, so I think it's unlikely I'll be making too much of an effort to get my hands on the other books in this series, which continues with 'White Nights'.