The Steel Remains  - Richard K. Morgan
First off, I need to say that I wasn't aware until after I'd started reading this that it wasn't what I thought it was (a standalone novel) but in fact was book 1 of a trilogy not yet finished! Fortunately we're not talking too much Evil Cliffhanger of Doom here, but it's still extremely vexing...

The book is structured to follow the adventures of three characters, whose paths eventually cross and uncross - they knew each other before, all being involved in a desperate war fought a few years earlier and which we learn a lot about in their memories.

All three are outsiders, one way or another - one because he's openly gay in a society which happily ritually impales people for that particular lifestyle, another because he can't forget his experiences in the war and settle down as a clan leader the way his people want him too, and the third because she's half-alien and half-human.

One of the positives of the book is the way the author deals with the sexuality of the characters, but it's also one of the negatives too. There's a little of a tendency towards homosexual = miserable and the emphasis in the sex scenes is often on the physical sensation to the exclusion of all else. It's probably that which made me enjoy the book a little less than I otherwise have might, but not so little that I don't want to read the rest of the series (which continues in The Cold Commands, sadly not out in print till the end of 2011!).