Blind To The Bones  - Stephen Booth
This is the fourth book in Booth's series of crime novels featuring DC Ben Cooper and DS Diane Fry, though unfortunately they don't spend very much time together in this one.

Two storylines, each pursued by one of Booth's main characters, turn out to be inextricably linked as a missing person and a body found in a graveyard are part of the same story. The main virtue of these books is the characterisation, not just of the people involved but also of the place, in this case an almost claustrophobic village not far from Manchester but apparently also in the middle of nowhere.

If there's one downside to these books, however, it's the ambivalent relationship between Cooper and Fry. Fraught with misunderstandings, it's difficult to see how anyone further up the police hierarchy would continue to insist they work together and at times their very lack of understanding of each other is quite jarring.

Given the length of the series to date, I'm hoping the author finds some way to resolve this - I'm not asking for them to be bestest friends but it would be nice for these two folks to find some common ground. The next book in the series (11 volumes at the time of writing) is One Last Breath.