The Incendiary's Trail - James McCreet
First in a new series, set in Victorian London, even though I ought to know better about picking up books when the sequel isn't out yet...

The basic premise of 'The Incendiary's Trail' is that it's the story of a fledgling Scotland Yard, desperate for success in the eyes of a sceptical public. In pursuit of this aim, one individual comes up with a daring plan, looking to turn a criminal into an accessory for the police by means of blackmail - this plan comes into action after the grisly death of a Siamese twin, whose freakshow associates create almost as much horror as the murder.

Naturally their plan does not take into account the criminal (one Noah Dyson) and his own desire for revenge; fortunately for Scotland Yard, the subject of such revenge and the driving force behind the murder are one and the same, the eponymous firebug who has been setting fires all over the city.

It's an interesting enough book, though sadly let down by frequent changes of point of view and the use of 'authentic' spelling that grates on the modern eye. Likewise, in my opinion, not quite enough effort is put into building the character of the main detective in comparison to his criminal counterpart. Hopefully this may be resolved in the next book in this series, [b:The Vice Society|7320495|The Vice Society|James McCreet||8888128].