Savage Season - Joe R. Lansdale
Picked this one up in a swap, mostly because I'm often on the lookout for first books in reasonably-long series that I haven't read before and this sounded interesting...

Our protagonists in 'Savage Season' are Hap and Leonard, two unlikely friends who appear at first to have little in common but who manage to get one another out of scrapes on a regular basis, if this first book is anything to go by. In this particular story, Hap is visited by his ex-wife who leads him around by the metaphorical short and curlies and gets both of them involved in a plan to find some stolen cash that was hidden away by a bankrobber years earlier.

Naturally, this apparently straightforward plan is not without its complications, although I was a little disappointed to find that the book is barely a novel in length, which means that the overall denouement isn't quite that long in coming. There are twists and turns aplenty, even so, with promise of more to come as the series goes on, which it does in Mucho Mojo.