The Iron King - Julie Kagawa
Another 'first in a series' book which I picked up because I'd heard good things about it. It's amazing how many of my reviews involve phrases which are a variation on 'I really wanted to like this book, but...'; I suppose it's good in some ways because it shows that I still believe writers can produce stuff I will love unreservedly, if only I could find it!

'The Iron King' is another of those reviews. There's a lot to like about it, with clearly a lot of thought going into the overall world-building even if the basic premise (teen is not who s/he thinks s/he is) has been written a thousand times before. The use of characters we 'know' from elsewhere is good, and not as predictable as it might have been, which to me shows quite a light hand from the author.

Meghan is our protagonist, discovering an unexpected heritage in the company of a variety of characters - unfortunately, the guy we immediately see she's supposed to fall for is the least well-written of all of them, which must be a bit of a trial. Who wants to be outdone by the Cheshire Cat, after all?

The series continues in 'The Iron Daughter' and I expect I'll probably pick it up at some point - for some reason, the whole thing didn't quite grab me in the way that (for example) the whole Mercedes Thompson series by Patricia Briggs has, but maybe my days of empathising with teenage girls are too far in the past and I prefer an adult with a little more agency?