Ash - Malinda Lo
It doesn't take a rocket scientist, particularly with the cover art they went for, to realise that 'Ash' is another take on the Cinderella story - as in the classic version, our protagonist is left at the mercy of a stepmother and stepsisters, forced to work for a living while they live in luxury.

Where 'Ash' deviates from the usual line is in the other relationships Aisling has alongside those with her new family and the expected handsome prince. This is a society where the hunt is still very important, with the Huntress (yes, traditionally this highest of roles is female in this society) being allowed to sit with kings and being free from much of the restrictions otherwise placed on women. It's no wonder then that Aisling is drawn to the current incumbent of that role, while also dealing with a member of the faerie race who appears to know more about her mother than anyone ought.

It's an interesting enough read, though the choice Aisling makes seems unclear in some ways, and I expect the sheer presence of lesbian undertones would be enough to send some parents/librarians fleeing in horror. The author has also written a prequel in the same universe, 'Huntress', but I can't say I'm all that bothered about searching it out...