The Rough Collier - Pat McIntosh
It was once again a pleasure to return to this series of books, featuring lawyer and reluctant detective Gil Cunningham in book 5 of a consistently excellent series set in the unusual surroundings of medieval Scotland.

In 'The Rough Collier' Gil and his new wife are visiting Gil's mother when he's called to investigate a body that has been dug up from a local peat bog. The village priest is certain it's a missing man from the nearby colliery but Gil isn't so sure, particularly when the explanation given for how deep the body was found involves the use of witchcraft!

Sure enough, not only is there the mystery around the corpse itself to solve, hampered as much as helped by the curiosity of the local folk for this unexpected entertainment, there also proves to be a mystery around the missing collier as well. This time around, as before, both Gil and Alys play their part in solving both mysteries, even if some things don't work out quite how everyone had hoped...

Another enjoyable outing, which makes me look forward to the next book in the series - 'The Stolen Voice' - these books continue to be ones I'd recommend to anyone who likes historical detectives and is a little bored with the current overload of Elizabethan-focussed plots.