The Darkangel  - Meredith Ann Pierce
This is the first book of a trilogy apparently first published in the 1980's and resurrected more recently to fit in with the whole urban fantasy vampire renaissance.

Where 'The Darkangel' differs from many of the books in that genre is that it's actually more traditional fantasy, being set in an indeterminate medieval landscape where our protagonist (Aeriel) is slave to a wealthy young woman who ends up being snatched by the eponymous darkangel to join his group of wives.

For some reason, after spending much of the beginning of the book angsting about how plain she is and how she could never get snatched in the same way, Aeriel then goes and gets herself some self-confidence building before she engineers another encounter with the darkangel. This time, she does get to join his wives, even if only as a servant to start with.

This is all about Aeriel's determination she can encourage the small spark of good left inside someone who is systematically kidnapping young women and turning them into wraiths. The writing is lyrical, very heavily influenced by fairy tales, and towards the end of this volume it does start to get a little wearing, as does Aeriel's certainty she can succeed. The series continues in 'A Gathering of Gargoyles' and I've yet to make my mind up whether I care enough to carry on...