Havemercy - Danielle Bennett, Jaida Jones
I haven't been reviewing books as I've read them, because I got out of the habit, but for this one I'll make an exception...

So much about this book that could have been fantastic, so much potential in terms of world-building and character dynamics wasted as the backdrop for a romance between characters who didn't really do much for me (one of them being such a wet lettuce, the other a smug arse with not much to recommend him - seriously, dude, what's with all the moping and thinking about the other guy's freckles?) and a plot twist for the other two that I saw coming a mile off.

I also have to echo previous reviews when asking one question: where are the women? Other than (mostly off-screen) whores, an unpleasant plot device relative and other minimally appearing ladies of little use to anyone. It really wouldn't have taken much to begin sort this out a little, either - have the Esar be a woman, have Royston staying with his sister and her stuffy husband, have Thom's mentor be a woman - just have someone without testicles do something of note, it really doesn't take much to write a book which feels less dismissive of half the population.

So, the chances I'll make it to the rest of the series? Doubtful.